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“Hi, we’re The Austens and we’re gonna play a few songs for you.”

It’s been a great year. True, we have a few more days left in 2019 but it’s crazy to think that not even 12 months ago The Austens made our first public appearance as a band. We decided to break ourselves in by performing at an Open Mic Night at JB Lovedraft’s in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This was hosted by local musician (and saxophone extraordinaire) Jason Mescia of Yam Yam Band fame.

The venue itself is known for its appreciation for heavy/death metal and video games. Neither of these are really synonymous with The Austens, but sometimes getting outside of your comfort zone and normal music scene is important and can be pleasantly surprising.

So, there we were, tucked into the corner of the bar with the go ahead to play three songs to a loud crowd of onlookers. Nick and Jeff were ready. Stefanie was admittedly a little nervous.

We started things off with our rendition of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s Jacksonand it got their attention! Next, we told the crowd we were slowing it down and Nick and Stefanie lent their voices to a cover of Elvis’ slow and sweet ballad of “Love Me.” The crowd was looking intently and quiet. Did we really just bust out 1950s Elvis to death metal fans? We certainly did! Our third and final song, we chose a little-known but lot-of-fun song The Beatles covered in their early days called You Better Leave My Kitten All Alone.” We had a blast playing it and yes, there was some meowing and purring included that just simply needed to happen.

The Austens were here and happy to get out in front of a great crowd. As we were walking through the crowd on our way out, a lady caught Stefanie’s attention and said how much she loved hearing “Love Me” because her dad always sang that song to her as a child. Music transports us.

Thanks for listening,

The Austens

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