"The Austens are a very classy mix of Buddy Holly meets modern rock, all the way back and around the corner to Johnny Cash and June Carter.”

PA Musician Magazine

Based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Austens are an acoustic quartet with one vocalist (Stefanie Austen), one musician/vocalist (Nick Austen), one musician bassist (Patrick McKinney) and one musician/vocalist percussionist (Nathan MacDicken). They create and perform music that spans generations and speaks to themes of love, life and longing.

In their original songs, The Austens deliver warm messages with bouncy, sweet, catchy melodies and insightful lyrics.

The Austens are most in their element performing live onstage or in the studio and have a strict no autotune/trickery policy. This results in an authentic band playing great vocal-driven original songs and covers that will make you smile and want to stay awhile.

The Austens have a goal to share their music with audiences, and have already done so through television performances, main stage festival performances and radio air play in the United States and Canada.

The Austens are currently working on writing and recording original material.

"On a Thursday night, I popped in to check out The Austens. Right away I was impressed just by their appearance. Even though their outfits make them look like they stepped right out of the 50s/60s era, don’t let it fool you, they are a very classy mix of Buddy Holly meets Modern Rock, all the way back and around the corner to Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Stefanie and Nick’s vocals create amazing harmonies, and even though Stefanie has most of the lead vocals, Nick also leads a few songs himself, all while the amazing percussion man creates his own unique sound on his cajone. It was also cool to see Nick switch from the guitar to a ukulele for a couple songs. There aren’t too many bands with a ukulele on stage in the area. The Austens are ready to entertain at your venue big or small.

A great mix of covers and super cool originals! Check’em out!"

-Rachel Rocks (PA Musician Magazine: Out & About Writer)